Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Local Government Bonds: Will They Work?

Urban planners would also do well to shape ideas for similar ventures. For example, the Tacloban North Township Project of Tacloban City can be a model for uprooting entire communities from danger zones to more a more ideal settlement area.

(2) Land Banking

LGUs that think through issues of squatting (which is a tax on idle property) and disaster response should also do well to buy land now (while still available and relatively cheaper) for future needs of their constituency.

(3) Aged Care Homes and Services

LGUs can add value to what the Philippine Retirement Authority offers by building specialty facilities for the elderly, including those that require medical care for dementia, Alzheimer's and other physical ailments caused by wear and tear. Filipinos excel (competitive advantage) in caregiving largely because of their culture: respect for elders and moorings from extended families. The market is simply too big (and growing by the day) to be ignored. Estimates show that in 25 years almost one-third of the population of the USA, Japan and most European countries would be nearing retirement age. Unlike the Philippines, the ties that bind families in these countries are not as "strong," where elders are often left to fend for themselves. These elders, one may further note, are not "freeloaders," boosting financial viability of these investments.

(4) Organic Agriculture

The objective is to help local farmers compete with the established producers and traders by organizing and continuously training them, and providing them with the required start up and working capital requirements. The "organic" niche can help them stand out from the competition.

(5) Franchisee for Disaster Relief

LGUs can "sub-contract" from DSWD its disaster relief operations on a bill-me-later basis. Government personnel, except probably those who have military or police training, are hardly known for their skills in logistics management. But all other things being equal, LGUs are in a better position to respond more effectively to disaster relief needs due to their proximity to affected areas.
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