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Independence Day greeting ,touch image

Independence Day (15 August Gust) Send photo greetings to your friends and family
  Extra Greetings with the Greeting App Try our latest collection of Happy Independence Day 2019.
  Here we present to you a huge collection of Happy Independence Day messages that you love to share with your friends, relatives and family members.
  We display greetings and Independence Day messages with greetings and background sounds that make you feel the atmosphere of Independence Day around you as you watch the messages and greetings.  This application has a very simple and user-friendly interface.
  Key Features of the Happy Independence Day 2019 Message App
  50+ Happy Independence Day with 50 greetings / photos presents a huge collection of sms / message.
  . Share: Share greetings with your friends and family members via WhatsApp, email, SMS and other available sharing options on your device.
greeting msg click this link

Save your friend status with WhatsApp

  Status Downloader for WhatsApp app allows you to download photo images, GIFs, new status features, new app 2018 account and also share it with your friends saver and editors status application like Hello, My Videostatus from that app.

  Explore daily new and trending status videos in the 2019 editor, and even update the ticket maker of status update stories in the business editing app.

  How to use this app:
  1. First you have to look at the status from your original WhatsApp Messenger app dual
  2. This application will scan and display a photo, GIF or short video rather than opening it
  You.  You can directly access the full screen DP.  Save the image or profile video to your storage, or you can share the social media web tracker online to the Online Recorder as well as the player maker.
  You.  You can play videos directly and tap a single image to see a parallel zoom
  5. QR code is not used for web scan security or callback verification methods.
  6. The status seen in this application version will update auto toe.
  7. Direct chat to saved contacts saved.
  8. Watch the 30 second video mode shared on Statusvol for wallpapers

  The following languages ​​are supported:
  English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Kannada, Malayalam, Odia

  Your HD Video Songs, Lyrical Romantic Love, Funny, Heart Broken, Miss You, I Love You, Broken Up, Sad Songs, Anniversary, Wedding, Wedding Music Greetings Birthday Clip Lie and Customizer App WA Female In Group  Easily copy in voice.

  Celebration of Friendship Video Day, Best Friend Shayari, Shravan Month, Sawan, Bakr Mubarak Eid al-Ada, India Independence Day, Bhakti Bhakti, Raksha Bandhan Rakhi, Janmashtami What is rain monsoon, Narendra Modi, Valentine's Day Krishna, Mahalana with New Year  2019

  WhatsApp is a simple story saver application within Videot Free in Hindi and English India Emoji stickers applications.

  The downloaded status can be used to recover recovery, history and backup

  Note 1: This application is independent and not connected to any 3rd party including WhatsApp Ink.

  Note 2: The app does not use to clone or hack anything, it only displays downloaded files in the application
   A professionally designed, user-friendly and intuitive interface.
   Simple application.  No internet connection required!
  Celebrate Happy Independence Day this year with this app and share Independence Day wishes with joy, peace and happiness with your family and friends.

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  1. This application is a self-based offline offline application with a portion of the contents of the public domain.
  2. The purpose of the application is to provide the user with entertainment / general information.  All images and text contained in the application have been collected from various internet sources.  All images are readily available in various places on the Internet and are believed to be in the public domain.  However, we do not claim copyright / ownership of the content / media used in the application.  We acknowledge that copyright is the right of the owners of the respective copyright material.  If you own the rights to any of the content in the application, please write to us at indiakiapps@gmail.com with the original source details, and the said content will be removed immediately.  No infringement motive.
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