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Monday, August 12, 2019

Reliance New Big- plan Jio gigafiber plans-start With only 700rs

JioGigaFiber is the latest offering fur for your home from Jio.  Jio provides the best internet experience for exploring your digital life.  Fiber is the technology of the future.  It provides the ultimate broadband experience for surf, stream, play and work.

  JioGigaFiber defeats the rest due to its extremely fast upload and download speed and impressive performance in just 'milliseconds'.  Now, imagine a high-speed private Internet highway inside your home.  The current offer fur GeoGigaFiber preview is Offer Fur which gives you up to 100Mbps free ultra-speed internet for a limited preview period and gives complimentary access to Geo's premium applications.  General Chat Chat Lounge  However, if you consume your data quota, you can enjoy our high-speed internet services through the MyGio app or through Geo.com with 40 GB complimentary data top-up.  Since this is a preview offer, there is no installation charge but there is a refundable security deposit of Rs.2,500 charged for the ONT device (Gigabh Home Gateway).  This amount needs to be paid by Debit Card, Credit Card, Geo Money or Pay TM, Ers Furs, games and more
  Geo Services is available on 4G enabled devices
  Visit www.jio.com for details
  Get the MyGio app to subscribe to the latest offers furs.  Recharge your Jio number, view real time balance, link and manage multiple accounts and much more!

  MyJio Features -
  • Search:
  i.  Introducing Single Step Recharge!
  ii.  Find MyJio Features
  iii.  Find Jio Apps
  iv.  Troubleshoot and get answers to your questions
  • L • Ginn:
  i.  Login Login with SIM: Get started immediately by authenticating with your Jio SIM
  ii.  Easy Login Counting: Enhanced customer experience for logging in with different product types
  • Quick access:
  i.  Quick links: Explore and switch features with a single tap
  ii.  Notifications: Get personalized action items based on your account details
  iii.  3D Touch: Access the most commonly used features from quick shortcuts
  • Account Information:
  i.  Account Balance: See real-time account balance or balance for payments.
  ii.  Usage details: Check your usage details for couls, data, sms and Wi-Fi
  iii.  Statement: Get detailed account statement
  iv.  Multiple Accounts: Easily link and manage Geo accounts using your linked Aadhaar number
  • Settings:
  i.  Profile Settings: Customize your personal profile and Jio account
  ii.  Do Not Disturb [DND] Choices: Enable DND for the filter categories for which you want to receive promotional messages
  iii.  Manage devices: Easily manage your JioFi and GigaFiber devices
  iv.  International Roaming: Manage your international roaming settings
  Io JioPay:
  i.  Payment tools and lets: Choose from a list of recharge plans and get attractive offers furs.  Link and pay with your JioMoney, Paytm and PhonePi wallet + UPI
  ii.  JioAutoPay: Set up auto to pay for hassle-free payment
  iii.  Saved Cards: Save card details for faster payment
  Io JioCare:
  i.  How to Questions and Videos: Find comprehensive questions and answers to your questions with videos.  Go to helpful tips or you can connect with our Jio Care specialists.
  ii.  Helpful Tips: Go through helpful tips or connect with our Jio Care experts
  iii.  Troubleshooting: Enhance troubleshooting device issues or service requests
  • Non-Geo users:
  i.  Jio Apps - Easily explore Jio apps from one place
  ii.  Home Delivery: Deliver your Jio Sim to your home
  iii.  Track order: Track the status of your Jio SIM activation
  iv.  Fast recharge / payment - Recharge fast or pay the bills for any geo number
  • Your digital assistant
  i.  JioInteract: Talk to celebrities on JioInteract, the world's first AI-based engagement platform.
  ii.  HelloGio: Use Hello Hello Assistant feature, "Hello Geo" in the app to answer your questions.
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