Thursday, October 10, 2019

Volume Panel Pro - Custom System Volume Control

I really the application and the function it serves. It makes it easier to access the different volume controls while looking much better than stock android. I noticed a few issues/addition that I hope can be fixed or added. 1st: when taking a a screenshot (volume down key and power button) the volume slider comes up before the screenshot is taken which I would loved to see fixed. 2nd:If you are able to add a slide out feature(swiping your finger from the edge)for opening up the volume sliders
Serves the purpose but highly unreliable. I saw this app in one of the YouTube videos and downloaded the free version right away. It worked pretty great initially and i got the pro version within an hour but to my surprise now this app stops functioning most of the time. I have set the battery optimisation to "do not optimise" and have granted all the permissions but sometimes the app stops and the only way to start again is to re-open the app. I have also locked the app in the task switcher.
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Key Features:
* An Android 9-10 inspired volume control panel.
* Override volume keys.
* Open with launcher or other applications.
* Defaults to select default media or ring as the default button response.
* Start crash or expand.
* Left or Right Hand Mode.
* Custom vertical position.
* Custom panel timeout.
* Hide alarm volume panel.
Force close system dialog.
* Custom background, slider and icon colors.
* Option to exclude certain programs.
* Volume Streams: Cast, Media, Ring, Notification (if supported), Call and alarm.
* Bluetooth volume control.
* Quick settings pull-down tiles.
* Pinned Luncher Shortcuts (Oreo +)

Quick Login Icons (in panel):
* Alarm clock and alarm status instant access access.
* Mute media or casting streams instantly.
Switch between speaker / earpiece when in motion.
* Ring, vibrate or toggle between disturbances.

Extra Quick Settings Pull Down Tiles:
* Mute Media.
* Toggle ring mode.
* Launch Volume Panel.

Pinned Luncher Shortcuts (O Rio +):
* Mute Media.
* Toggle ring mode.
* Launch Volume Panel.

Notification volume
- If the notification panel is enabled and supported by the splitting ring and the notification system, the ring and the notification are independent, if the notification panel is hidden, then both currents are connected together and the ring volume follows.

Please note: Button mapping applications such as Button Mapper or Bixby Button Remapper may interfere if volume button customization is enabled.

Limitations: Lucks cannot be displayed on the screen or system pulldown and the 1st long press cannot be found, a second click is required.

Permission required:
* Ibility accessibility - Volume key press and search for excluded applications.
* Notification Listener - Access - Find audio deo casting and Do Not Disturb.
* Overlay Permissions - Show the panel as a system overlay.
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