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Do this with only one thing: cleaning the stomach and intestines. Only this one glass will clear all the dirt in the body.

માત્ર આ એક વસ્તુથી કરો પેટ અને આંતરડાની સફાઈ.. માત્ર આ એક ગ્લાસ થી થઈ જશે શરીરની બધી ગંદગી સાફ

Do this with only one thing: cleaning the stomach and intestines. Only this one glass will clear all the dirt in the body.

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 Do only one thing with the stomach and intestines ...

Friends, we are consuming a lot of things. Anytime we eat anything that is a little bit lighter then something that is heavier, such as mangoes. So it does not have any effect when you eat something that is light and easy afterwards but it does not digest when you consume a heavy item more than its proper dose. As a result, the stomach and intestines are frozen so that cleaning the intestine becomes very important.

Friends, what do we understand as an example when there is a mesh drain and you put a big waste in it or even let another waste go with the water? The same thing happens in our gut if garbage gets frozen on your web after a few days. Even if we do not digest the food we have eaten, the food itself can be decomposed in the stomach and freeze in the gut. But friends, if you cleanse the intestine once a month, the intestines are clean.

You have two options for friends, so you can eat your digestive tract. Also stop consuming foods like maida. Make regular adjustments so that your stomach is clean and does not accumulate waste. But the question and problem arises when you do not follow such a thing and never clean your gut. Then gas, ACDT, abdominal pain, abdominal fat increase and stomach out. All of these problems occur.

Excessive stomach upset is a very bad problem as it can reduce a person's ejaculation, especially if we are talking about it. So if we want to eat everything then it becomes necessary for us to clean the bowels at the end of the month. Now you know how to do this cleaning. Going to the doctor or getting home?

So friends, you don't have to worry too much about it. Drinking only one thing in water will make your gut cleans up a lot. All you have to do is follow the precise rule that even with just one day left, you can easily clean your gut from home and avoid future problems.

Cleaning as you will tell today, you will never have stomach problems and people who have problems with weight gain and fat accumulation. It will keep you hit and fit. Therefore, if each person does not take food and stomach problems while taking care of his body, he should do this once a month for bowel cleansing. So let's know his way. Let friends first say that this experiment does not harm your body in any way.

Intestinal cleansing: -

⚕️ First of all you have to mix it with warm salt in warm water. Then you have to drink as much water as you can. After coming through, you have to drink that water again.

⚕️ Again you will have a pressure and you have to go freshen again. You have to do this process two to three times in a cool way. If you do this, you will become like a loose motion. But you don't have to panic because it will take away the dirt from your body and it will be the dirt in your body.

Now if you do this procedure, you will find yourself feeling that your stomach is completely cleansed and a lot of dirt is gone.

12 Friends One of the special things you need to keep in mind on this day is to consume only the morning and afternoon of the day you experiment. And you have to do what you regularly eat at night.

This way you can prevent stomach and intestinal diseases by cleaning your intestines in one day. If you want to survive forever you have to do this experiment once a month. But if you are using a healthy diet and are consuming just the right amount, you do not need to.

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