Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Surgery is not required to open the resected / blocked arteries, it can also be treated with drugs

Surgery is not required to open the resected / blocked arteries, it can also be treated with drugs

  • Research claims made on 5,179 people for three and a half years
  • Only blocked arteries can be treated with stenting, surgery
  • Medications can help to correct the entire system of arteries
  • Research data for the American Heart Association's annual meeting was presented on Saturday.

  • Health desk 

    The research was reported at the annual meeting of the American Heart Association on Saturday. Dr., Director of the Cardiac Care Center at Baylor Medical College in Houston. According to Glenn Levine, this is a very important test. Research results were included in the American Heart Association's Inquiry Guidelines, which is different from those that believe that stents and bypasses are being used more.

    Such a distance to surgery and medications
    The new research called ischemia is huge. Its form is also widespread. Its purpose is to settle questions raised on the benefits of stents and bypasses. The research monitored 5,179 people for three and a half years. The heart arteries of all patients were severely and lightly blocked. Among those who underwent stent or bypass surgery, 145 people died. In comparison, 144 people died in patients taking drugs alone. The number of people with a stent and bypass group had a heart attack of 276, while the number of people taking drugs was 314.

    Drugs can keep whole arteries clean

    Researchers found that the narrow arteries of a patient would not be blocked at any one place. The complete arteries will be blocked. Since there is a block from it, it can not be said that there is a heart attack. Stents and bypass can only be used to treat the arteries that have narrowed, but drugs can help treat arteries. Director of Cardiology at Stanford University. According to David Marron, when a doctor appears to have an arterial block, it is decided on stenting and surgery to get relief soon.
  • Bypass surgery and stents have been questioned by a research in the United States. Research has shown that patients treated with drugs do not have more heart attacks than those who have undergone bypass surgery or underwent a stent. The same is true of the death toll. These findings are relevant to those patients who had greater blockage in the arteries. Some patients suffering from chest pain due to angina with stating and bypass have benefited.

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