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Get this super food to control diabetes right away, get results

Get this super food to control diabetes right away, get results

What is this spirulina? And why must you have this?

Spirulina is a brownish-green lily. One of the most popular dietary supplements in the world. Many people also refer to it as super food because it is rich in nutrients and has huge health benefits.

Learn why spirulina is beneficial to the body

  • - Sperulina contains high amounts of protein as well as vitamins and is an excellent dietary supplement for those who are vegetarian.
  • - Studies show that spirulina has the ability to fight off antioxidants as well as inflammation in the body, as well as strengthen your immune system.
  • - Spirulina has no side effects. It contains a high amount of protein and vitamins. They also contain thiamine, niacin, riboflavin, vitamins B-6, A and K.
  • - One tablespoon of Dried Spirulina contains 20 calories, containing protein, carbohydrate, fat, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, vitamin C, etc.
  • Learn what benefits the body with spirulina
  • A study on spirulina found that spirulina intake helps significantly lower blood sugar levels. Patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes have a common problem with high fasting diabetes.
  • In 2017, an experiment was performed on mice with type 1 diabetes, in which they were given extracts of spirulina. At that time his blood sugar was found to be low and his insulin level was also seen high while his liver enzyme was shown to improve. Apart from this, the antioxidants that are in effect in Spirulina are also helpful in treating type 1 diabetes.
  • Spirulina is a plant that you can easily digest. Its cells do not have heavy walls. Studies show that spirulina improves your stomach's health, and is especially beneficial at an early age. An experiment on mice has found that spirulina protects the bacteria in your stomach.
  • Helpful in weight loss
  • If you want to lose weight, you should first focus on how many calories you put in your body. Spirulina has a low calorie intake and because it is nutritious it helps you lose weight as well as nourish your body. The body mass index of people who have consumed Spirulina for three consecutive months has been shown to improve.
  • Help in lowering blood pressure
  • There is also evidence that spirulina helps lower blood pressure. One study says consuming spirulina for three consecutive months can help control your blood pressure, especially in people who are overweight and have hypertension.

Helpful in lowering cholesterol

Cholesterol is an unhealthy fat for the body that increases your risk of heart diseases. Supplementing spirulina regularly will have a positive effect on your blood lipid level. One study found that spirulina intake reduces choleste
rol levels rather than damaging the body and raises good cholesterol levels that benefit the body.

Just keep a lot of attention during the day to prevent these many major illnesses from cancer

Health care can also protect against illnesses such as cancer.

We all know that there are some illnesses that can be controlled by making a few lifestyle changes. According to recent research, diseases like cancer can also make a lot of changes in the daily lifestyle as well as add nutrients and relaxation to the lifestyle. Can be kept

According to Dr Manoj Kothari, director of the Autism Wellness Center, many illnesses can be controlled through balanced diet and adequate sleep. Doctor Manoj Kothari points out that there are many ailments that can be treated by medicines as a long process. In addition, a long list of drugs can cause other side effects in the body. But making a few lifestyle changes can help prevent complex illnesses and lead a healthy, healthy life.

The lifestyle changes make the mind and body soothing for all three.

  • Terrible illnesses like cancer can also be prevented from changing the routine. Cancer is a complex disease. According to statistics shown to the UA, one in four deaths a day is caused by cancer. Nutritional supplements are more effective in cancer prevention because they provide the body with the nutrients it needs. Protects the body from the toxins that accumulate in the body from junk food. Also controls the amount of sugar.
  • Irregular lifestyles, excessive dietary intake as well as excessive pollution in addition to fatty substances as well as tobacco and alcohol are major factors in producing cancer. Antioxidants containing fresh vegetables and fruits provide special protection against cancer. Avocado fruit is especially useful in removing side effects from chemotherapy.
  • Cumin juice also reduces the side effects caused by radiation and chemotherapy due to the antioxidants and nutrients contained in it, as well as cooling and nourishing the body. Slugs also help prevent cancer cells from spreading. Fiber-rich diets are useful in reducing the amount of cancer caused by cholesterol. Substances like garlic, olives, turmeric, ginger and fish can also reduce the risk of cancer.
  • Diabetes has also spread globally. Diabetes is a disease that causes a man to slowly eat from the inside. Diabetes has a deadly effect on other organs of man. Dietary control is essential to prevent diabetes. Fast food and junk food increase the likelihood of diabetes. In addition, refined carbohydrates, over-soluble substances, and processed foods and alcohol also cause diabetes.
  • Fried fruits, vegetables, especially leafy vegetables give effective results in preventing diabetes. Adequate sleep also controls blood volume. Getting at least six hours of sleep can help prevent the risk of diabetes.
  • Gluten is the leading cause of celiac disease. In addition to gluten-free diet as well as fresh vegetables, fruits and dried fruits, protein-rich foods can be prevented by the disease. Healthy diet follow-up is required even after celiac disease is detected.


Autism is a disease associated with the brain. There is a kind of mental imbalance that is found in children. Taking a certain amount of nutrients, such as iron, magnesium, in the diet can help children's brains grow and reduce the risk of autism. The inclusion of fatty fish as well as nuts in children's diets also reduces autism.

Heart disease

Apart from the regular diet, the inclusion of extra fats in the diet increases blood cholesterol levels, which increases the risk of blockage in the heart vessels. The risk of cardiovascular diseases and illnesses can be avoided by the inclusion of fish as well as omega-3 fatty acids in the diet. Balanced diet and moderate exercise also reduce the amount of fat in the blood, which controls cholesterol and avoids the risk of heart disease.

A nutritious and balanced diet, exercise and adequate sleep keep the body healthy and healthy.

Sunday, December 15, 2019

118 New Government Secondary School Manjuri Letter

118 New Government Secondary School  Manjuri Letter

New Latest circular For Aprove 118 Government Secondary School In gujarat.

  • 94 Schools aprove in bin Aadijati vistar
  • 24 Schools aprove in  Aadijati vistar
  • Shixan Sahayak vacancies Aproved for 177 posts
  • Vahivati sahayak vacancies Aproved for 118 posts
  • Sathi sahayak vacancies Aproved for 118 posts


Download Letter pdf from here

Thursday, December 12, 2019

The aim of the Government of : Gujarat vahali dikri yojna

The aim of the Government of : Gujarat vahali dikri yojna

 The Commissioner for the implementation of the Wali Dikri Yojana has received the proposal from the Office of Women and Child Development from Single Fire on the date of the Department of Women and Child Development 31/7/2019 13/2019 /1181 A Government is committed to improve the birth date of girls and increase education in the state of Gujarat.

And if more efforts have been made to do both after this, the state government has launched a 2019 budget in the state budget. The state-wide campaign has been launched to increase the birth of girls and to enhance their education. At the bottom of giving up the female education of murder and strengthening the position of sociologists at the bottom Making the implementation of the wise are loved daughters down by the state government in order to achieve that objective

Increasing the birthrate of daughters

Reduce the out-of-proportion ratio in girls' education

Empowering women in the society

Prevent Childhood

Eligibility of the student under the guardianship scheme

Daughters born on or after 2/8/2019, benefit of this scheme...

A maximum of two daughters of the couple and the benefits of the scheme will be attainable

Both the couple's first and second daughter's benefits will be attainable, but the couple should have the mother's offspring operation after the second marriage....

If the first daughter and second daughter are available, then the second daughter will be able to get help but after the second daughter the couple...

In the case of giving the first couple and the second daughter together or more together, in all cases, the benefit of the parents' daughter plan is available but after the daughter...

Friends You will also find information about this circular tat recruitment 2019 on Google's big websites such as currentgujarat marugujart, Gujarat Rojgar, ojas.gujarat.gov, www.govtjobbuzz, gnankutir.com and news papers. And soon and you will also find anil official ad by searching google

Eligible benefits to be reaped in the guardianship scheme

Vahali Dikri Yojana 2019

1-The first installment
#Rupees 4000 will be available to the daughters upon admission to the first standard

2- The second installment
#Upon admission in the ninth standard, assistance of Rs 6000

3- Last installment
#At the age of 18, one lakh rupees is available as education marriage support but the daughter is married...

Financial Provision Guardianship DICTIONARY FINANCIAL PROVISION Halo Yes Speak Yes Speak Yes
The new head budget will have to be opened for the scheme, until the new head is opened, the guardian daughter scheme has a provision of four percent for the total dissemination and dissemination of the plan....

Order Demand 106

2235 - Social Security and Welfare

02 - Social welfare

03 - Welfare of women

04 - Financial assistance to destitute widows for their rehabilitation

Provision of diffusion diffusion

Up to four percent of the annual total financial provision of the scheme may be spent for dissemination under the Wali Dikri Yojana.

As required under the guardianship scheme

1- Mother's age is 6 or more at birth of daughter...

2 - In order to avail benefits under the Guardian Daughter Scheme, the combined annual income limit of the couple's spouse will be equal to 200000 and below in rural and urban areas. In the case of income limit, the beneficiary's birth will have to be taken into account in relation to the year ending on March 31...

vahali dikri yojna When to fill out the form and how to fill it

The beneficiary couple will have to submit the rule sample and the application online along with the required supporting evidence. The application can also be submitted to the Public Service Center, Seva Setu.

The CDPO will have to send 15 to the woman and the child officer with their own opinion, after making the necessary test to drink the ladder to which the woman and child officer and according to the rules, will have to approve the application for fifteen days.

Applicants will have to submit the following supporting evidence along with the approval of this scheme

pdf download :click here

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Gujarati Sticker for WhatsApp - Gujju Stickers

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Vistic racecars celebrate events very special and other important events. Free message stickers here for WhatsApp are like sending the flowers and cake stickers on someone's birthday, memorizing moments by sending heart and romantic love stickers, celebrating the success of others and congratulating them on a new style.
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Gujarati Stickers for WhatsApp - Gujju Stickers Apps lets you send Gujarati or etc Stickers in WhatsApp.


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- Gujarati Love Story Stickers.
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- That's it.Enjoy.

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Dengue Rising Terror: Learn about its onset symptoms and how to treat it…

Dengue Rising Terror: Learn about its onset symptoms and how to treat it…;;;

Dengue is a type of fever that spreads from mosquitoes to the body. This fever, which is common in the beginning, can be fatal if it is not treated properly. Today we will tell you about dengue fever, symptoms, its treatment. In addition, we will talk about ways to prevent dengue.

When and how does dengue occur?

Dengue mosquitoes most commonly occur after rains, ie between July and October. This period is caused by dengue female Aedes aegypti mosquito bites. These mosquitoes are different from other mosquitoes because they have a leopard-like impression on the body of dengue mosquitoes. These mosquitoes are most active in the morning. The mosquitoes are active at dusk as well. Female Aedes Egypt mosquitoes cannot fly higher altitudes.

Dengue virus is more common in the blood of patients suffering from dengue fever. When an AIDS mosquito bites a dengue patient, the mosquito sucks the patient's blood. Dengue virus also enters the mosquito's body along with the patient's blood. Then when this bites another person, then that person also becomes debilitated. In a person who has dengue mosquitoes, the symptoms of dengue fever appear three to five days later. Dengue fever may remain in the patient's body for three to ten days.

There are three types of dengue fever:

1. Classical (common) dengue fever,
2. Dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF).
3. Dengue shock syndrome (DSS).

The second and third types of dengue fever are the most dangerous of these three types of dengue fever. In general dengue there is no life threat. It disappears within a few days. But if anyone has DHF or DSS, the patient should be treated immediately. Otherwise, these two types of dengue fever can cause a person's life. DHF and DSS types of dengue fever are very difficult to identify.

Common Dengue Fever Symptoms:

- Sounds cool at first. Then suddenly there is a lot of fever.
- Body parts cause a lot of pain in the head, muscles and joints in the body.
- There is pain in the back of the eyes, which can be exacerbated by eye movements and pressure.
- Dengue fever makes the patient feel weak in the body, not feeling hungry, the taste of the mouth worsens. It also relieves sore throat.
- Red and pink bruises begin to appear on the body. These bruises are especially found on the face, neck, and chest.
- Classical means that common dengue fever lasts about five to seven days. Then the patient is healed.
The most common dengue fever is most common during July to October.

Dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF):

- Blood drain from nose and throat.
- Blood clots in the pouch or vomiting.
-Some large brown or black colors appear on the body.
-If these symptoms occur with common dengue fever, you should have a blood test first.
Dengue Shock Syndrome (DSS) .:

This type of dengue fever also features symptoms of grief along with DHF such as….

-Skin cools down when the patient has a high fever. The patient experiences a lot of anxiety.
- The patient gradually loses consciousness.
- The patient's blood pressure drops drastically. When there is a slight increase or decrease in the patient's placenta.

Of particular importance is the fact that patients often have multi-factor organ failure due to dengue fever. The current fluid inside the cells exits. Water begins to accumulate in the stomach. These organs stop functioning due to adverse effects on the lungs and liver.

Where should the test be performed?

If the patient has high fever, severe joint pain, jaundice and severe headaches, then the first dengue test should be done. If the dengue symptom does not appear and fever persists, the physician should advise. If there is anything suspicious to the doctor, he or she will advise you to get an Aegean blood test (NS1) first for dengue. The cost of conducting this test for the first time can cost around one thousand to fifteen rupees.

If dengue comes in the first test, it remains positive. However, after three or four days, the cost of taking the test is six hundred to fifteen. It is better to have an anti-body test (dengue serology). When the dengue test is done, the total count of white blood cells and the different count. This test can detect the platelets count in the body. Dengue can be tested in most hospitals and labs. There is no need to worry about whether or not you eat while filing this report.

Role of Platelets:

The number of platelets in the body of a normal healthy person is about one-half to one-half the platelets count. The main task of these platelets is to prevent bleeding. When these platelets become less than one lakh, the chances of dengue are very high. In many patients, platelets are low due to dengue, but this is not necessarily the case in all patients. Bleeding does not occur if the platelets are less than one lakh, but the patient should be hospitalized. Because platelets can prevent bleeding until the count is fifty thousand. If the platelets become less than twenty thousand, the body begins to bleed. And the patient needs to have platelets mounted. Therefore, whenever the platelet count in the body decreases by one lakh, the person should be admitted immediately. So that the doctor can manage the platelets as needed and save the patient.

Children are at greater risk of dengue fever.

Monday, December 2, 2019

LokRaxak Police Recruitment District Allotment List

LRB Gujarat Document Verification List & Physical Test PET Result Cut off

Ojas LRB Gujarat Police Constable Document Verification List, Time table 2019 or Schedule will be declared before 07th May 2019 on official website www.lrbgujarat2018.in. Due to General Election of India 2019 Achar sanhita LRB Gujarat Holds the Program of Document Verification and Now Election is Over in Gujarat So LRB Gujarat will Officially publish Document Verification List, Place of Verification, Name of Candidate before 07-05-2019.

LRB Physical Test Result 2019

Today Lokrakshak Recruitment Board LRB Published Physical Test Result 2019 on www.lrbgujarat2018.in. Candidate who appeared in Police Bharti Ground Test Can Check Physical Exam Result by Entering Roll Number and Date of Birth. This Police Bharti Physical Test had been conducted between 26-02-2019 to 08-03-2019.

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    Download All district List from here

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Khedut Sahay Araji From Download

Author :- info portal

Download from the pastoral aid auction

Government of Ikhedut and Gujarat have announced farm assistance auction forms for Kamosmi Rainfall Assistance.

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document Required For Khedut Sahay:::

  • 7/12 and 8-A  Utaro Nakal
  • Adhar Card Xerox
  • Bank Passbook Xerox

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With this application, the farmers have signed Aadhaar card, Talati crop cultivation pattern or copy of the first page of the Bank Pass Book with the IFSC Code for Bank Account Number and 5/1, A and the signature of other landlords in case of joint account. In the absence of joint landlord's consent letter or "no objection", the farmer's confession must be attached. In addition, only one application should be made per account. For further information on this, the extension officer (farming) or taluka enforcement officer (farming) at the district level, the assistant agriculture director at the sub divisional level and the district agricultural officer at the district level will be contacted.


Download Khedut sahay Araji form pdf

Digilocker App Download: Targeted at the idea of paperless governance, DigiLocker is a platform for issuance and verification of documents & certificates in a digital way, thus eliminating the use of physical documents. Indian citizens who sign up for a DigiLocker account get a dedicated cloud storage space that is linked to their Aadhaar (UIDAI) number. Organizations that are registered with Digital Locker can push electronic copies of documents and certificates (e.g. driving license, Voter ID, School certificates) directly into citizens lockers. Citizens can also upload scanned copies of their legacy documents in their accounts. These legacy documents can be electronically signed using the eSign facility.

Do not mistake the bark of orange anymore, because the beauty of spending thousands of rupees

Try this remedy for orange peel for natural shiny skin

Everything we get from Kudrat is useful then the leaf of the tree is the fruit, it is thick, the fruit juice is the bark of the fruit or there is fruit seed after using the fruit.
We should make full use of what we have got through nature. It has also been said that more nutrients are present in the bark than in the fruit.
Likewise Orange, the orange peel, contains many ingredients that benefit the skin. So don't ever throw in an orange peel after eating an orange, but you should use it to brighten your face.
  • From that you can create face masks, create face scrubs and thereby remove many of your skin problems.

  • Regular use of your own face pack made of orange peel gives you glowing skin by removing black spots, acne scars, black heads on your face.

  • If you use cosmetics, there is a lot of face cream or lace or orange used in facepack because it contains a lot of vitamin C.

  • And this Vitamin C gives beauty to your skin. Cleanses your skin and brings a natural glow to it. It also has some anti-bacterial properties which make your skin free of acne.

  • Make a face mask of orange peel

  • To make an orange peel face mask, you must first collect the orange peel and allow it to dry for several days.

  • After drying in the skin, ie the water in the bark flies away. Grind it to a grinder and prepare its live powder.

  • Now that your orange peel powder is ready you can mix it with any other beauty enhancing ingredients.

Use of orange peel powder as a scrub

  • There are many facets available in the market today that come with scrubs, which means they contain tiny particles that clear the skin and remove the dead skin on the face and expose the frozen pores of your skin.

  • The same can work for orange peel powder. The main benefit of scrubbing is that it removes dirt from your face and gives you glowing skin.
  • But to prepare the orange peel scrub, you should not crush it just like a powder, but allow it to be slightly flaky.

  • Now you have to rub this ready-made orange powder into circular motion on your face. But if honey is taken along with it instead of taking cores, then it will be easy and nourishment.

  • If you have to do this very gently with your hands, if you give too much weight, you may have a sore face.

  • Orange peel powder and aloe vera gel facepack

To prepare this facepack you will need a tablespoon of orange peel powder and take as much aloevara gel as you need to make a paste.
Now, after mixing both of these ingredients properly, apply the prepared paste on your face as well as on the dock. And keep it aside for 10 to 15 minutes.

Then rinse your face with cold water. You can try this remedy two to three times per week. Aloeva gel is a magical ingredient that eliminates many of your beauty problems.

Orange bark and turmeric facepack

To prepare this pack, you should take one tablespoon of orange powder in a small bowl. Add two tablespoons or even a small spoon of turmeric to it.

Now add rosemary to it to make a paste. Once the paste is ready, apply it on the face.
Now keep this facepack for 15 minutes.

Then rinse the face with normal water. Here you can rub and wash the face as the orange powder will work scrubber on your face and remove the dead skin on your face.

Turmeric has many ingredients that benefit the skin as we know it. It makes the skin greasy. It also has antibacterial properties to keep acne out of the skin.

LRB Police Constable Final Result 2019

LRB Police Constable Result 2019: The result was announced on the official site lrbgujarat2018.in. The result was announced for the written exam on January 06, 2019. Candidates have to specify the roll number and date of arrival from the result login page to evaluate the result. The candidate must note that there are two stages to the selection process. Thus the result will be declared individually for each of them. Those who pay attention to both the issues and get the minimum score will be selected on the post they have executed.

  • Gujarat Police Constable Final Result 2019
  • Gujarat Police Constable Final Result 2019

LRB Police Constable Final Result 2019

The candidate who has now seen the exam can assess the result of the written exam. The result includes the name and roll number of those eligible candidates. For more information regarding Gujarat Police Result 2019 please evaluate the program below. 
Important date of Gujarat Police Result 2019
Written exam for January 06, 2019
Declaration of Written Result dated 06 February 2019
Care of PET 16/05/2019
The announcement of the final result is coming soon
LRB Gujarat Police Constable Written Exam Result 2019
After conducting the written examination, Gujarat Police has submitted the result of the written test for this. Candidates who have appeared in the exam now can check the result in your official site or through the exact same page. Read the actions to see your result creates another section.

Gujarat Police Constable Check Result: Step by Step Guide:

  • Open official website www.lrbgujarat2018.in
  • After the open official Facial Web you can see the check end result option.
  • Then enter your roll number and date of birth.
  • Next page you will see the final marks of your Police Constable.
  • LRB Gujarat Police Final Result 2019

The qualifier will have to appear on the physical performance assessment after the results of the written test are announced. After conducting the written examination and PET / PST LRB will start the final result at lrbgujarat2018.in. Examination candidates can see the final result published on the official site. And candidates need to score more than those marks. People who succeed in achieving the mark of cut will be selected from the officers on the posts to which they apply.

Gujarat Police Constable Recruitment 2019 Cut Off Marks:

The final cut declare will be announced by the LRB in the next few days. All candidates will be waiting for the next updates of the LRB.

Download Pdf File:

Click Here To View Final Result & Cutt Off Marks
The qualifier will have to appear on the physical performance assessment after the results of the written test are announced. After conducting the written examination and PET / PST LRB will start the final result at lrbgujarat2018.in. Examination candidates can see the final result published on the official site. And candidates need to score more than those marks. People who succeed in achieving the mark of cut will be selected from the officers on the posts to which they apply.


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